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holi festival essay-holi story

holi festival information

Festival of colors Holi

2019 Holi Date - 21 March, Thursday
There is a different festival for every occasion in our country. India is a country of festivals. Every festival has its own unique significance. Holi is a festival from all these festivals. Yes, Holi festival is of happiness The victory of good over evil After forgetting the old gill-teachings, the color of each other's color. On the occasion of Holi meet each other with relative, neighbor, friend, joy,

and glee. Paint a couple. Do dance songs. Dholak manjira and entertain other music players by playing.
When and how are celebrated Holi / When and How is played (in ENGLISH):
Holi's holy festival is an ancient Indian festival. In different parts of India, the festival of Holi is called differently. For example Holikapujan, Holika Dahan, Dhuladi, Dhulivandan, Dhukkal Vasantotsav etc. The festival of Holi is celebrated every year by the full moon of Phalgun month.

Mainly the festival of Holi is celebrated in two phases:

First stage:

In the first phase, a day before Holi, Holika is decorated and burnt in the public square on the night. The people willingly donate the bonfire to decorate the Holika and arrange happy sticks for combustion.

Holika in Dahan Poojya Samagri -
holi festival essay

For this sacred method, a lottery pure water, Kumkum, turmeric, rice, raw cotton, jasmine, moong, gram, jaggery, coconut, Abir-gulal, turmeric, raw mango, barley, wheat, lentil dal etc.

Holika Combustion Method:

The fire is first ignited. After that, with the religious mantras, in the east direction, worshiping the Holi with puja material, coconut, gram, moong, lentils, wheat etc. are offered in the burnt Holi. And duly celebrated Holi is done. And holy Holi Holi wishes for peace, good wealth and prosperity. In many places, traditional songs, music, and dances are also performed and people greet each other with gulas.

Second step:

And the next morning, everybody meets each other with glee and gourses. Various dishes also run during the Holi play. Like the rest of the festivals, children enjoy too much at this festival, and they make a lot of fun by filling in colorful balloons and pitchcrafts. On this occasion, different types of patchwork in the markets attract people, especially today, the Chinese Pichkaris are very popular.
Generally, people play Holi in small groups and gather in a particular place and take out a big procession. During this time there is a tradition of breaking the mud on the city's main intersections. Matki is hung on the height with a rope and the young burst it with a joint effort.
Playing Holi often runs from morning to noon 2-3, after which there is a struggle to get rid of the color. People say many prescriptions for red color - they recommend to put plenty of oil in the body before playing, then after playing some say to put a special brand of soap-shampoo.
In the evening people wear new clothes and meet each other, however, now there is some reduction in this tradition and the mingling has already been reduced.

Mythological (religious) beliefs related to Holi festival / Story of Hiranyakashyap and Prahlad 

The festival of Holi is observed from the view of mythological belief, in the context of such a religious context, where unbearable devotion, sacred devotion, end of evil, the victory of goodness, all this is the focal point.
According to religious beliefs, in ancient times, Hiranyakashyap was a very powerful monster king. It was a boon from Brahma that no one can kill any animal, neither an animal, nor a god nor a monster, it can be killed in the day, nor in the night, neither in the house nor outside, nor the land, water, or Maybe killed in the air.
In the pride of this boon, Hiranyakashipu wanted to establish himself as the Almighty in all the three worlds and considered himself to be God. In any state, if any citizen saw or listened to any other person besides his worshiping, he would be punished with immediate death.
But there is a saying, that does not lose to anyone who loses its blessing. The same happened with Hiranyakashipak too.
The house of the tyrannical bunker Hiranyakashyap was born in the form of his son, Vishnu Prasad Prahlad. Prahlad was the devout Vishnu devotee. He did not fear the fear of any human, animal, monster, god, demon, etc.
Hiranyakaship knew about his son being a Vishnu devotee. So he tried to disguise the price of Vishnu in every way. Even after lakh attempts, Prahlad does not abandon his Vishnu devotion. Finally, Hiranyakashipu decides to kill his son. And many attempts to kill Prahlad - sometimes throwing it down the mountain, sometimes poisoning, then leaves it in a thick forest ... and then drowns in water. But there is no harm to Prahlada by the grace of Vishnu.

Essay on Holi / Essay on Holi Festival

Worried, Hiranyakaship takes the help of his sister Holika. Holika was a boon that she could not consume fire, hence Hiranyakashyap orders Holika that she Sit in his lap and sit on the fire of Pahlad so that he can save himself from the glory of the boon and burn the Prahlad.

Holika did the same thing, but the evil goes beyond what is behind goodness.

The hulika has forgotten that her boon works only on entering the fire, and she sits on the pyre about Prahlad. Prahlad constantly keeps on chanting "Narayan-Narayana" and Vishnu grace does not hurt him, while Holika gets burnt to Bhasma. From then on, Holika is a tradition of combustion and the next day is the practice of celebrating Holi with joy.

Religious Recognition of Holi celebration associated with the Goddess of the Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Putna Vadh Story 
why we celebrate holi in hindi

When the evil unrighteous King Mathura of Mathura hears the divine prophecy that his slaughter will be the eighth son of his own sister Devaki. Then Brauns kill all the sons of Devaki one by one. But the eighth son Dhartidhar does not stop Mr. Krishna from taking the avatar. And in the same context, the belief of Holi is also attached. When the Brackets send Bracelets to Lord Krishna for the purpose of milking, then Lord Krishna also took the life of the demonic worship and also made the body of Putna also invisible. And remembering this divine incident, the statue of demonic worship was started burning by the Mathuras. And every year, the festival of Holi in Mathura began to be celebrated.
And even after celebrating the festival of colors on Holi, it is believed that Lord Krishna always kept asking his mother Yashoda because of his youthful character, "Why Radha is so black in black". Then one day, Mother Yashoda says to her beloved Krishna that you should paint Radha in the color that is pleasing to you.
This suggestion of his mother is very much liked by Shri Krishna, and the naughty Krishna lets his Radha be painted with a pleasant color. And likewise, the color festival of Holi originated.

Symbol of holi equality

Just as nature distributes its wind, its rain, sunshine, all people without any distinction. Similarly, the colors of Holi also give uniform colors to those who play without any discrimination. Abir-colored colors and colored colors all become colorful and colorful. And then it appears that all the distinctions of the values have been erased. In this way, Holi gives the message of being equal to everyone.

Holi sweets and entertainment

People of every age celebrate the festival of Holi with joy and glee. At this festival, the ladies of the house make delicious delicacies. Jesse Laddu, Kheer, Purna, Wada, Gujhiya, Khajoor, Kanchua etc. Different regions of Holi are sung in every region. With the dance-song, dholak mananjira, etc., the musical instrument, etc., is taken away from this festival. Kids entertain themselves by painting others with the Pichacharias purchased from the market. One of the relatives deals with sweets or gifts. The children and the elder take blessings of their elderly. The beginning of spring is celebrated with great enthusiasm. And it is said that the birth of the first man Manu was also on the date of spring, so the festival of Holi is also a symbol of him.

Popular holi

Well, Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm everywhere. However, the Holi of Vraj, Mathura, Vrindavan, Rashtra Holi, Srinathji, Kashi, these places are considered to be very famous. Holi is celebrated for five days in some parts of India, which begins with Holika and ends on the color Panchami.

The downside of Holi:

Holi is a holy festival but in the modern era, some people are seen playing with the dignity of this festival. On this auspicious day, many people make funerals by making intoxicants, etc. and make trouble for the rest of the people. Apart from this, many shopkeepers are not tempted to spoil the celebration by selling adulterated food in the greed of earning profits. The use of excessive chemicals in colors also works to break the Holi color.
Friends, Holi is the festival of happiness associated with a sacred religious belief. Let us all together keep the dignity of this festival together and celebrate this celebration of colors with glee.

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how to cure piles permanently at home

Home remedies for reducing bleeding in hemorrhoids
home remedies for piles bleeding
piles permanently

Due to the defect in the digestive tract due to the digestive system, a disease is caused by hemorrhoids. This plaintiff and bloody are of two types which are extremely painful; In such a way, Shoots of

 Irregular lifestyles continuously work due to long periods of constipation, due to hemorrhoids, many prescriptions are available to deal with this disease, but people become very upset due to bleeding during hemorrhoids, they do not know what kind of What can be done during pelvic pain

Must learn from light hot water
piles cure in 3 days
 piles permanently

While bleeding occurs during hemorrhoid problem, take a little warm water in a tub and if it is bleeding for at least 20 minutes, then this process should be done three or four times a day. Poor hemorrhoids due to hot water compression And in the swelling, the rest is found, as well, this reduces the bleeding and clears the place of hemorrhoids.

Add Medication

During the hemorrhoids, you can get the help of medicines to stop the problem of bleeding. Applying for these medicines as prescribed by the doctor provides pain and pain relief too, you can apply for these medicines even during the election.

Cold compress

 To reduce the itching and inflammation of hemorrhoids, a cold compress can help with the help of which to work on the swelling of the working ice, cold water is learned, which helps in swelling, reduces the partner's blood pressure. Does it

Use soft toilet paper

 If you have a lot of problems, if the woman is getting worse, then you should use toilet paper and stop it from a very high place and it is itching, then you will find it by rubbing the place of irritation and pain Can

The correctness of this information changes time and every effort has been made to ensure the reality, though its moral responsibility is not of our block. We would kindly request you that before you try any solution, you must contact your doctor, our purpose is to inform you Providing is only

how to grow hair faster in a week

This curry hair cut will double the hair growth
how to grow hair faster for men
grow hair faster 

Still get long and beautiful hair for many women is like a dream come out recently, it is said that every month Hair length 1 inch rising but if it is not true every time the hair is much more damage to hair length The possibility of growth is less than usual but you do not have to worry. You can improve the growth of your hair with some of the ingredients in the kitchen. Are going to tell you about quantify

Yogurt contains anti-fungal properties, which help in relieving dandruff and keeping hair healthy, it provides moisture to those people and scalp, as well as to balance the pH label of Scalp. In this article, we will now know that How to make your hair look taller by using yogurt packs
 how to grow hair faster naturally
grow hair

Olive oil and curd

Combine curd and olive oil and help to manage hair and remove the problem of hair breakdown


1. One spoon olive oil
2. One cup curd
3. One teaspoon lemon juice
4. One cup of water

How to prepare

First, mix lemon juice in two cups of water and put it aside. You call olive oil and yogurt, mix olive oil and yogurt and apply it in your hair for about half an hour, wash hair with shampoo and finally Clean the hair with lemonade saloon

A mixture of banana and curd

 This helps to clean the mask scalp and keep it clean so that you get healthy hair


1. Half a lonely ripe
2. One tablespoon curd
3. Three spoons honey
4. One spoon lemon juice

How to prepare the mixture

  Please take a clean bowl the baked made good copy and mash the bananas now add yogurt and honey and fresh lemon juice and apply the good mix of all the things you years of help from the paste and leave for 25 to 30 minutes And you wash your hair with normal shampoo

A mixture of aloe vera and curd

 Aloe vera has many new traces such as vitamin and amino acids that keep both scalp and hair healthy.


1. Three spoon aloe vera gel
2. Two tablespoon curd
3. Two tablespoons olive oil
4. One teaspoon honey

How To Use This Mix

Take a bowl and put yogurt aloe vera gel honey and olive oil and do all the things well and start putting it on your scalp. Now massage with a light hand that should be kept for 45 minutes. Normal should smell the hair from the shampoo.

A mixture of honey and yogurt

 This will stop extra oil production in the mask scalp and clear the pores


1. half cup yogurt
2. One teaspoon honey
3. A teaspoon apple cider vinegar

How to prepare this mixture

In a bowl, mix the yogurt, honey and vinegar create a good paste start out your hair breaking down in many parts still paste this into your hair to stay put for 30 minutes at your hair using plain water You can wash mild shampoo for hair wash

What is WordPress and how to create a website on WordPress.wordpress tutorial

What is WordPress and how to create a website on WordPress
wordpress themes

If you do blogging then your WordPress name will definitely be heard but do you know what WordPress is and how to create a website on WordPress is a popular Yum in the world if you have not heard about it and more about it If you want to know if you have come to the right place today we will tell you what is WordPress, how it works, its benefits and blogging and WordPress Which of the better is Zagar?

 Wordpress 1 online open source website creation tool is written in PHP, if it is in general terms then it is the most powerful blog and website content management system that is currently the exit. This is a great way to make a website for people Or to create a blog because it does not have to be the knowledge of coding to use it, so today I thought why not you guys Please provide complete information about WordPress so that if you are easy to use it, then let's begin without delay.

 WordPress is an open source software that comes in the use of creating an online website, written in WordPress and MYSQL, it was launched on May 27, 2003, WordPress is a very popular manager system that makes it easy for everyone. If you talk about, more than 30 percent of all Webdunia users use WordPress, whether they are blogs or any news site ever word What is the biggest virtue of using Cress is that it is absolutely complete to handle WordPress's daughter-in-law is all CMS and user-friendly to today Wordpress is very popular among people around the world. 30 percent of the websites are made in WordPress itself.

 Because WordPress is an open source project, in the thousands of times, the volunteers are constantly upgrading the courts of the world and making them better, improving their court and additionally thousands of results and thousands of available themes. That helps you to create any kind of website like you can imagine.

How do I create a website on WordPress?

Everybody has a dilemma about how to create a website. In the earlier times it was such that if someone had to make a website then you had to get the help of a web developer or if you want to create your own then you need to know the coding knowledge because There was no CMS at that time, so the website developer I used to take a lot of time and also needed a lot of knowledge.

 But then the visit of CM or this has become increasingly popular among users because with this help you can easily create a good website in very little knowledge. The most important thing in CS is that there is no need to coding for anything in it. Is not there.
 You get the fastest all done in WordPress, you just have to use it properly and install. You can easily create any business on WordPress, you can easily make good business easily. With the help of online shopping, travel management can be made very easily and can be done for every website in WordPress and keep you posted on your website Can create.

Why use WordPress and what are its features?
how to use wordpress- how to create a wordpress website for beginners

Here, we know about the benefits of WordPress, makes it better than others

What is open source

 The most important thing of the World Press is that the Open Shot is CMS which anyone can use easily, you can also modify and distribute the food. You do not need any type of license to use it.

User-friendly more

 Wordpress is very user-friendly and easy to use. It is not necessary for you to be a developer to use it. You can create a website in WordPress without any coding knowledge, it has kept a proportional introduction for everything The user can easily understand about it.


 Inbuilt SEO calculate

 The most striking feature of WordPress is that the convenience of travelers is also inbuilt. It is very essential for both SEO and blogger to rank their website for the SEO of your website can easily do keyword meta descriptions as soon title tag wedding The facility is provided.

 Low cost

 You do not need to spend much to build a WordPress website, though there is a lot of free stuff in it, you only have to buy friendship and domain only. You can also make online shopping sites like 10 to 15000 If you go to the developer, he will charge you a lot.

 More sites use WordPress's CMS

 You might have noticed that most of the bloggers are using WordPress today and some have started blocking their blogger's blog in WordPress. According to a report, 30 percent of people around the world use WordPress. Due to being WordPress today, WordPress is a very popular trusted ACO

 There are plenty of plugins options

 The most special thing in WordPress is to create a login contact forum, to create an online shopping site. This is the most important role of the lot.


Who is better for blogging than the WordPress WordPress blogger?

1. Blogging service is absolutely the same in blogger, and in the same way, WordPress has a blog-making service that is free but you have to pay to make a website in WordPress
2. Blogger and WordPress both do not need hosting and domain for the block but for building WordPress you will need hosting and 2 minutes
3. There is only one platform for blogger blogs in it, you can not create bayside while WordPress offers two types of platforms which can make you a block in another in which you can create a website
4. Blogger can not customize your blog much, but you can customize your website well in WordPress
5. Blogger creates more and just blocks while creating blogs and websites in WordPress

whatsapp messages without backup

How To Do Whatsapp Data Backup In Google Drive
how to recover deleted whatsapp messages online

Hello friends Today, in this post we are going to tell you about Electric Bus so that you can backup your WhatsApp data in your Google Drive

 As you know, there can be any reason for backing up WhatsApp data, and if you do not want to have private messages, then this data can be backed up in Google Drive or you want to tell the memory of your phone or you can get back- Regardless of the times, you can get your Whatsapp data in Google Drive no matter what happens.

How to backup Whatsapp data
notification history

1. First of all, we open the phone that is called Whatsapp and let us go to Whatsapp, by clicking on it, we will open a small door in which you click on shopping and a new page will open. In the phone, click on Set & Call or Only Chat can be written there and a new page will open in which you click chat back up.

2. You have to do some settings, then click on Google Drive one will ask you to back up your data such as after daily hours of electricity or monthly after 1 month or only when you want your data in this way To back up, you click on it when you select anyone in it, then the account setting will be automatic if you are backing up the data for the first time.

3. Pick up the phone will be opened only after clicking on the account in which you want to backup your data in the Select Account or you want to add a new account, then you can add a new account by clicking on the ad account.
4. And you will open a new box by clicking on the work for the block and you will see two options written in WiFi and WiFi and cellular, out of which you will have to select any data from WiFi only and if WiFi and your phone data is saved Yes it is jazaata.

5. And if you want you to ever secure your video in Google Drive, fix the boss of the inclusion video, then after clicking the button of the meeting, you will now be able to back up the data backup in Google Drive if your data is too much So it can take some time to get it safe. Once the data is safe in Google Drive, it can be deleted from the phone because in the data and Google Drive The Mesha viewable.

And once this data is backed up in your phone, then no matter what phone you are running on WhatsApp, your data will remain safe in Google Drive in Google, but WhatsApp settings should be such a college

how to become a blogger

Information about how to become a successful blogger in ENGLISH
blog sites-blog examples-blogging platforms-

Today everyone is searching on the internet how to earn money online and when he realizes that a great amount of money can be earned in blogging, then immediately and starts working in the film of blogging, but after a few days When he does not get money from the blog then thinks how to get started in the field of blogging The idea of writing this post came when the people near us just blocked When I worked for made me earn money from blogging here anyway let a thing which would not break those.

How to become a good and successful blogger

People nowadays people are not able to understand what is actually blogging because if you do not understand this kind of thinking, do not come in the field of blogging, let me tell you one thing clearly that blogging is not a joke which will do everything because it There is a kind of work like you are preparing for a job to do for years and years of coaching and give you the least chance to pass the same Live blog is not there, you'll still have to work according to your school now do not you think that today you  or a company means will make the block a business but then
 It was the same thing that you got a job in a company but you do not have to work so how will your company benefit?

 In the same way, blogging is a kind of business and you have just returned to thinking that everybody is earning money online, you will earn easily. This is your wrong thinking, first of all give you complete information about him in this field Most of what is his history, what has he taught from the time you go and understand that you will come to the field of blogging when coming from a technical field that you are either engineering or If this computer is from science, then you can understand the Aarti in this field.

. For this, you have to think that what will be the block you build, as if you want to start a business, it is important that someone specialize.
. After this, you should have full detail information about the topic, because in the field of blogging, always on your own, given the same on your own topic and your experiences are shared.
. The most important point is that you should get all the information about Google by spoiling the search engine itself and then you will be able to rank your article and you know that the search engine concept can be easily understood by an engineering student.
. You need to post every post for the journey and before you public, you must know how much your topic is expanding or by targeting someone, you are writing a post.
. There is something else that will keep you on time.

Some people think that they have lots of information on any topic, then start blogging can earn a lot of money but one thing will tell you the truth that Mali gave you a business start and you have a good quality of product too. But if the customer is not able to know about your product then will your business run like this in the same blogging movie? To make Kahr you need to have every single movie information, which information will keep him on the job.

how to create a software application

How to make software now know in ENGLISH
how to make software in hindi
software application

 Now that it has come to the present technology and in the growing technology environment, wherever you look, you will get the only thing to hear that the software for this work is software for smile, that means cleanliness and time has come In this case, you will come to mind how do you make this software, then you will get the answer to that question in my article.

Information about how software is built in 


To make the software you have to first think that what you need to make software is that it means, first of all, to determine which operating system you want to build and software for which device

 For example, if you have a window operating system that is in the personal computer, then the method of making it for laptops is different. If there is a Linux laptop or laptop in the same Linux operating system, then the software will be completely different

 As I told you that a separate operating system is created differently if you are the software for your android mobile which is different from its way

How To Make Computer Software In ENGLISH
how to create a software using java

If you want to create computer software then you will have to learn a programming language for it, however, give you a piece of information as well as a good posting is taught to create programming languages and to create

What is NET

The dot net framework is easy to create, but for that, you have to learn CC ++ or C language because it can not be created without the help of a programming language

Best programming language for a software developer

If you want to start, you can do it with the C language because after learning the C language you will be able to learn another language further, but hope that you have already learned the programming language when you are in college life. Or any HD should be learning from it like this when you learn CC ++ language then you can create virtual studio software or if you Actual Basic programming language can create virtual then learned.

 You are thinking about how to create software, you can easily learn the programming language first.